Tai Chi Chuan is a holistic art seeking to use internal energy (chi) for good health, self development and self-defence. To help realise the famous soft power of internal energy, the initial training concentrates on slow, relaxed flowing movement. This makes it adaptable to many levels of health and fitness.

Through this inclusive approach, Tai Chi Chuan has become regarded the world over as a fun and effective way to strengthen mind, body and spirit for young and old alike.


Welcome to MDA Newbury Tai Chi

New Students Welcome !

If you are new to tai chi then our introduction to tai chi course is a good way to get a flavour of tai chi to find out if it’s for you. You’ve probably heard a lot of about tai chi, but there’s no better way to discover the art than to get involved.

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For those who have an existing background either in tai chi or another art, then you can build on that experience and continue your development with the Master Ding Academy. Master Ding promotes the highest standards of teaching throughout the organisation. 

Tai Chi For Health

Health and harmony is core to our Tai Chi. With practice Tai Chi de-stresses, motivates, heals, strengthens and develops you on all levels.

Learning to be still, calm and centered is just the beginning. Further study reveals more and more. As part of the Master Ding Academy we offer the highest quality instruction. Find out more about the treasures of tai chi.

Learn a new life skill can be a great way to exercise the mind and the body. 

Convenient Locations

Conveniently located at the “Newbury and Thatcham Hockey Club (NTHC)” (just off the A4) and in Newbury Town Centre (Newbury Methodist Church - Wesley Hall)

NTHC is  just 8 minutes from Newbury

Easily reachable from Thatcham

Within 30 minutes drive from Basingstoke, Didcot, Swindon and Andover

Covering Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

Internal Kung Fu in Newbury

Not everyone realises that Tai Chi is actually a form of Kung Fu (martial art). For those that are interested, we provide the training and information necessary to achieve success in Internal Kung Fu. Our Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan has been developed over hundreds of years and has given birth to almost all Tai Chi practiced today.

Syllabus / MDA

Authentic Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan has a wide, deep and varied syllabus reflecting the generations of knowledge that is available to you. Our entire syllabus is published on the Master Ding Academy website and can be found by clicking here.

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Transmission from Master Ip Tai Tak

Master Ding is a 6th generation direct lineage holder from Grandmaster Ip. He runs seminars on all aspects of Tai Chi, including the unique Snake Form created by Grandmaster Ip. For more information do visit the events page at www.masterdingacademy.com.
Information about Grandmaster Ip's teachings can also be found at our Master Ding Academy website by
clicking here. His influence can be found in all levels and aspects of our syllabus.

MDA Newbury is an authorised tai chi instruction centre listed under the Master Ding Academy.  Click here

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