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Master John Ding founded the Master Ding Academy (MDA) to preserve and promote the traditional, holistic approach of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan training. He has vast knowledge of external martial arts as well as being internationally recognised as one of the top Yang style tai chi teachers. He is the 1st disciple of Grandmaster Ip Tai Tak, who in turn was the 1st disciple of Grandmaster Yang Sau Chung. A disciple should ensure that all the knowledge and skills are passed on to the right individuals and they have an implied responsibility towards the future of the art that goes beyond the responsibility of other practitioners.

Tai Chi Chuan is a traditional Chinese martial art concerned with the study of internal energy (chi). Started thousands of years ago, it has been based on the transmission of knowledge through physical movement, touch and secret verbal instruction for countless generations. Tai Chi is most known for its "Form". This refers to the often beautiful set of flowing movements (physical structure) that you use as a tool to learn the concepts and principles of Tai Chi. At a high level, however, Tai Chi becomes formless (not reliant on specific structures) and every moment of every movement you make becomes powerful, driven from the centre and full of energy.

This goal of eventual formlessness accounts for the wide variety of Tai Chi that we see practiced today. As long as the concepts and principles remain intact, your movements (your tool for investigation) can be different.

Master Ding maintains the highest quality of tai chi instructor through regularly assessments. Instructors have access to special workshops and attend the annual instructor’s retreat to ensure consistent quality and understanding of the tai chi principles.

Only authorised instructors who have reached and continue to maintain the standard are permitted to teach under the Master Ding Academy. Click here to see MDA Newbury’s instructor listing.

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